About MC2

For the Love of Science

We love science. We also love creativity. Einstein once said “Creativity is intelligence having fun”. We have fun. We also bring smart to our work. Our goal is always to create a healthy client + agency relationship—so we can work together as an integral part of your team. We promote positivity, creativity, and productivity in all things.

Creative First (and Always)

Creativity was not always MC2’s first inclination—advertising was. Because we grew from an advertising background. Now, everything starts with brand, and moves to sales through an organic process that ends in a unique strategy for brand growth and sales that’s tailored to your customers or clients. Leaving things the same never makes a measurable difference. Being brave is in our DNA.

Talent, Technology
and Trendlines

Our top talent—which is to say, ALL our talent, is always looking at the market and eyeing the horizon line, where brands get ahead of their competitors. You could say that’s the core focus of our thinking—exploring and discovering where a brand can break from the pack. You get a small team, that can bring massive talent and knowledge to bear for you. It’s the theory of a Seal team—lean, precise, flexible, and higher performing.

Working Together With You

We don’t sit across the table. We’re not adversaries or competitors. We’re partners aiming for the same goals. So we sit where we can best dig into your thoughts and language. We look forward to discussions with you, revel in a better understanding of you and your market, and try to reach deeper into the truths you express that need to be sorted, assembled, and acted on (or rejected) to bring better marketing into your market.

To achieve that, we have a culture of constantly writing out ideas, whiteboarding and brainstorming, and exploring as wide and deep as possible. Whiteboarding—whether together or digitally—is the best way for us to discover the good stuff and quickly eliminate the cruft. It makes obvious the strategy, pushes discussion, promotes positivity through collaboration, and exposes problems before they manifest. From it we challenge each other, debate, and keep moving the best forward until the creative magic happens, faster, for you.


Leadership at Every Level

The careers of our leadership team nearly intersected several times. Then in 2018 it happened. Through mutual friends they came together and their shared interests opened up a floodgate of “YES, this…” and “I love that ” and “Here’s what I would do different”. And MC2 culture blossomed with the collaborative nature of its new leaders. Yes, MC2 was started earlier, but once the right people were in place, it was set to explode. That’s now.

Pablo Urquiaga


Scott Coventry

Creative Director

Al Soto

Digital Director

John Jaras

Production Director

Fuad Sarwar

Graphic Designer