Miami-Dade County Public Schools

Business Directory: Miami-Dade County Public Schools’ Business Directory was designed to highlight and present the various vendors that work with the school system. It’s a great resource that personnel and school staff across the county, as well as other businesses, use to connect with other vendors. MC2 designed the directory for ease of use and to improve connectivity.


General Obligation Bond Material: Marketing a General Obligation Bond is no easy feat. It requires reaching a general audience public, to create opportunities for comment, while simultaneously narrowing that target to those who will be most affected by the bond. We delivered through out-of-home, advertisements, and a landing page and app specifically for dissemination of the bond’s important data to the public.


Office of Economic Opportunity Annual Report: MC2 designed the annual report for the M-DCPS Office of Economic Opportunity, paving the way for a better experience for local businesses and the community to learn about the fiscal parts of the Miami-Dade County education system.