Doing Cool

Be relevant. Be part of the cultural. Move with freshness. Influence the right people.
Bring experiential moments to your customers. And do it like your brand depends on it.

Because your brand depends on it.

It’s time to join the 21st century, so get amped.

Marketing is not bigger than it used to be, it’s smaller. Narrower. More niche and culturally
connected to a tinier market. So join the cultural-revolution, and talk to your customers. Ask
them questions, and answer theirs. Do it face-to-face. Do it in their neighborhood. Their back yard even.
Market like you mean it, and you love it. And 💖 it.


Do Something, Then Talk It Up (or Vice Versa)

There’s nothing worse than a boring ad that speaks to the wind. We know, because that used to be the
entire industry. Us included. But now the whole ecosystem has changed and adapted. To reach most
audiences, you first STOP ADVERTISING. That’s right. STOP ADVERTISING.

And instead use your time and space to talk to them. Meet with them.

Then advertise that. Be inclusive, culturally-sensitive, connected to the times, and relevant TO THEM.

You know the words: Genuine. Authentic. Real.

Advertise that.


Culture = Brand

You can no longer throw down a logo and a color palette and call it a day. Because those are just
aspects of branding. And arguably the least important until you are larger. Brand is culture. That’s
right, your corporate culture is what people will know you for. And you CANNOT hide it behind a
logo. If your culture is amazing. TRULY amazing—not amazing buzz words—it’s easy to brand you.
But hiding your culture in the age of immediate sharing is foolish and disingenuous, and everyone
will catch on.

So don’t. Let’s instead work on your culture, your voice, your point-of-view, and let the brand
squeeze itself out of that. It’s a little like toothpaste.

Ready to do better? We’re ready to brand you.


Clicks: Today’s Most Valuable Touchpoints

Web development comes in two varieties. Discoverable and unseen. That simple. If you can’t be found,
you won’t be. On top of that, if you are uninteresting, you’ll be found—and abandoned. It’s a simple
“Yes, and…” statement. Yes, great SEO, AND great websites that convert visitors into stayers.

SEO has changed so much over the last decade. To developers of the algorithms every company
depends on has caught onto the tricks. And they now force companies to do the right thing to be
found—be social, accurate, local, and authoritative. If you want fake, it won’t work any more.

But if you’re real, so will the customers be. And you will be found out for the great company you are.


Make Friends, Not Followers

Stop thinking in terms of followers. Think friends. Friends of you, your staff, your brand (and
therefore your culture). Not everyone can be your customer, so niche down and be your customer.
Why would you buy you? If you can’t clearly define that, let’s brainstorm it. Then, expand that to
who else would buy you? Go make friends with them. That’s your perfect customer—because you
genuinely love them, get their attitude, appreciate their humor, and just think they’re.

Once your culture is laid bare, your customers will find you. Because they resonate with your
innermost (and now outermost) ideals. They believe in you and in what you do. They may
even just tell you to shut up and take their money.



We mean it when we say that we still dream big. We have crazy big ideas. Normal size ideas
too, but who cares about them? When we start the brainstorm on YOUR thing, we go through
a lot of ideas. We keep distilling down, until the awesome is so concentrated that it is explosive!
Creativity is the catalyst for most everything we do. If we do a website, creativity is at the core.
A digital campaign. Creativity. A T-shirt. Same thing. If we invent a new game for you. Creativity.

Get it. It’s the lifeblood AND the core essence of everything we do. It’s our soul.

And we’re giving it to you. We welcome your contact.


Just the List

After all that, you just to see a capabilities list? Lucky for you, we believe in lists.
And note taking. And scientific experimantation. And corn dogs. And space aliens (actually,
we’re not 100% on this one). But we do believe in unicorns. 100%. You ever seen a narwhal?

Just click the button to download our list.