The pandemic hit every industry hard, but few were hit quite like travel and hospitality. Many companies are in a post-trauma state, and trying to figure out how to move forward now that restrictions are lifting. Advertising is beginning to prepare for this new world.


Last year’s advertising budgets dried up in the sector. But budgets are beginning to cautiously  open up again. Cruise ships are preparing to launch (and with a year to do maintenance and upgrades, better than before), hotels are getting filled, road and air travel are picking up, and entertainment is preparing to welcome guests back. So how can you move forward with your travel marketing?


Collect Data

Data tells you the value of your media buy, and it’s critical to get regardless of your company’s size. It allows you to understand consumer behaviors, buying decisions, and interest in travel, dining, and going to entertainment venues.


Maximize Budgets

Ads budgets are not yet where they were in 2018, so the need to maximize the value of the budget that is there is even more important. Depending on your particular business, that can mean narrowing focus to a couple of platforms, or bringing newer platforms onboard that are showing promise.


Engage & Inspire

Now is the time to get ahead of the competition, not sit timid.


AirBNB CEO Brian Chesky stated in a May 25th CNN interview: “We’re already seeing travel activity at 2019 levels, and this is before cross-border travel completely reopens and the re-emergence of people traveling to cities.”


Spend the budget to inspire prospective customers and engage your fans. Who knows, you might create superfans and they will grow your business at no cost!



The pandemic brought businesses to their knees—but many still survived. Now, smart businesses can benefit from a less competitive landscape. It will take understanding, a targeted media buy, and people inspired to travel and enjoy hospitality venues again. So engage and make it happen.